Sean McVay Offers An Update On Todd Gurley’s Knee


Todd Gurley was almost no where to be found for the Los Angeles Rams in the playoffs last season. Despite making it all the way to the Super Bowl, the Rams lost at the hands of the New England Patriots by a score of 13-3. One of the biggest stories of the game was that their star running back, Gurley, was barely getting any touches and was usually just chilling on the sideline. Afterward, it was revealed that he was having issues with his knee which rightfully scared Rams fans. 

Rams head coach Sean McVay recently spoke to TMZ Sports who asked him about Gurley and his status heading into next season. McVay didn’t offer much in terms of an update, although he did say that Gurley was “doing good” and that he’s pretty sure he’ll be back for the start of the season in September.

If the Rams want any shot at making it back to the Super Bowl, they’ll need Gurley in tip-top shape as he was one of their biggest contributors on offense last season. If his knee problems continue, the Rams could be in for a very long season.

Either way, Gurley is an exciting player who always makes the game more fun to watch. Hopefully he can recover sooner than later.