Sean Kingston Talks New Single ‘Peace of Mind’ & Preparing for ‘Made In Jamaica’ Release


“This summer, I want to come right. I wanna come with new music, I wanna come with a whole new approach.”

Sean Kingston has been preparing for his moment back in the spotlight. In the midst of creating new music and collaborating with various artists, on Friday (April 26), Kingston dropped his latest single “Peace of Mind” featuring Tory Lanez and Davido, and the Jamaican singer is returning to his signature Caribbean roots in full force, just in time for summer.

"Peace of Mind" (listen below) is the lead single from his upcoming EP, Made in Jamaica, which Kingston has been working on over the last year and is expected to release in the near future. Made in Jamaica will be Kingston's newest project since his 2013 album Back to Life, which was supported by the single "Beat It," featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa.

When asked why he felt like this was a good time to release his new music, Kingston told Billboard, "I feel like when people listen to Sean Kingston, it's summertime, it's spring break, and the weather is nice. All you could think about is jet skis, boats, sipping a piña colada, you know just having a nice fun time. And that's the time for Sean Kingston. 'Cause he's in full effect. So I said, 'You know what? This summer, I want to come right. I wanna come with new music, I wanna come with a whole new approach.'"

The new upbeat tune takes Kingston back to his island roots, reminiscent of his past hits like "Take You There," "Dutty Love," and "Beautiful Girls," which reached No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart in 2007. "Peace of Mind," follows a story of love, where Kingston says that despite frequent arguments with a significant other and never being able to have a peace of mind, that person will always be the one he comes back to in the end because she brings him comfort.

"I can't get no peace of mind when I'm with her, but she's my kryptonite, she's my drug. We argue all the time, I can't stand her… but I miss her, and I want to go back to her and I want to be with her in that moment," Kingston says of the song. "I can never get a peace of mind, but I'm still with you, and that's real love and that's what it's about."

The recently released Caribbean-pop anthem echoes Kingston's original sound, blending his Jamaican culture with energetic pop rhythms — a sound that Kingston is proud of and takes credit for.

"Since I've been away from music for 3 or 4 years, I've been seeing a lot of people come in my lane, which is amazing. But, a lot of people want to do the island thing," Kingston says. "For me, I am from Jamaica, I lived in Jamaica. I actually started all the Jamaican cross-over hits, so I think it was only right that I went back to my original sound, which was the Caribbean-pop. It's still catchy, it still has a pop sound, but its also very very Jamaican and that's very big to me."

As far as sounds and collaborations that fans can expect from the forthcoming Made in Jamaica, Kingston says he has a blend of island vibes with pop-leaning songs like his second upcoming single, "Lucky Him." Additionally, Kingston also told Billboard that he's collaborated with artists like PARTYNEXTDOOR, Tinashe, and Stefflon Don.

"I'm really excited for the PARTYNEXTDOOR record, he's one of my great friends, he's amazingly talented," Kingston says. "We definitely have a big song together on the project."

Take a listen to Sean Kingston's latest single "Peace of Mind," below and stay on the lookout for Made in Jamaica.