Scott Disick Turns French Montana’s Theatre Room Into A Jungle Destination


For reason unknown, French Montana allowed Scott Disick and his team of home renovators come into his mansion and completely renovate his theatre room. Scott’s side project was completely unknown to us but considering the episode is the fourth of the first season on E!, Scott’s clearly been doing this for some time. 

In the clip below, you can see Scott and his crew avert some crisis situations as they turn French’s entertainment room into a jungle theme – something that he seemingly wanted. The old room had simple white and gold accents with “a lot of dated things” while the new room features jungle wallpaper, a new projector, fancy new light shades and a custom-crafted couch.  

The budget for the proposed plan was $150K and Scott and his team came under at just $135K. “Under budget is always good, I’d like to see that happen more often,” Scott said. 

The premise of the show sees Scott flip luxury homes, some belonging to his friends, all while he works on his own new home that “has a lot of potential.” 

“Flip It Like Disick brings viewers inside the lavish personal and professional life of Scott Disick as he tackles his most extravagant endeavor yet: high-end home flipping and remodeling,” the show’s description reads. “Watch Scott and his team of experts flip luxurious Los Angeles real estate and transform the homes of celebrity friends and family.”