ScHoolboy Q Volunteers To Play 6ix9ine In Rumored Biopic


ScHoolboy Q is no stranger to mild acting, as evidenced by some of his long-form cinematic visuals like “By Any Means.” In truth, his effortless charisma lends him a natural presence, though he has yet to be tested with any considerable on-camera work. Yet there’s a first time for everything and with news of an upcoming 6ix9ine movie and/or series beginning to surface, Q’s creative instinct appears to be buzzing. In response, the TDE lyricist took to Twitter to volunteer his thespian chops to the cause, in the leading role at that. 

ScHoolboy Q Volunteers To Play 6ix9ine In Rumored Biopic

Erik Voake/Getty Images

“THe 6 9 movie gone be crazy… I Hope I get a role in it. I just wanna play one of tHe snitcHes,” writes Q. “I can def get away wit playing 6 9 on da B.E.T Version.. I’m all in.” Now, there may very well be a considerable age difference (sorry Q), but most high schoolers are played by grown-ass actors every day. It’s called movie magic. Slap some CGI rainbow hair on Q’s pate and toss him in the makeup chair. He’ll probably need a dialog coach to nail the Tekashi cadence as well. And if he does go full method, he can say goodbye to working with YG ever again. 

Should 50 Cent, or any of the project’s possible producers be reading this, perhaps you oughta give Q’s agent a call. Sometimes, brilliance can arise from the most unexpected of places. Might this be the first step on ScHoolboy’s EGOT journey? After all, the man can spin one hell of a yarn.