Schoolboy Q Details His Impressive Weight Loss: "Ppl Still Think I’m Fat"


Schoolboy Q has been on a tweeting spree to promote his upcoming CrasH Talk tour. I’m not even speculating about his motives. He’s been transparent about why he’s spending so much time on an app that he fairly claims is “for depressed ppl.” “Man I be exploiting da app.. I only tweet wHen I’m bout to tour or drop a album lol. THen I take two years off,” he confessed

The TDE artist has been answering fans’ questions, but it often just results in him roasting them with some capital H’s. However, yesterday, someone fired unprompted shots at Schoolboy first by calling him “jello body ass boi.” Obviously, the “Chopstix” rapper wasn’t fazed by this insult and handled it by calmly putting the Twitter offender in his place. “Ppl still tHink I’m fat,” Schoolboy responded. “I lost 75lbs my g.” 

If you follow Schoolboy Q on Instagram, you would know that he’s been on a serious weight loss journey for a while now. He’s often seen hitting the gym and the golf course. He also emphasized his new healthy lifestyle when responding to a fan yesterday in regards to whether he will drop “Druggys wit Hoes Pt. 3.” The song was previewed in 2014 as the third installment in his series with Ab-Soul, but Schoolboy now asserts that he’ll never drop it now that he’s sober and detached from the debauchery documented in those songs. 

I will help Schoolboy out by linking tickets to his tour here, so he can stop wasting his time on Twitter and get back to his healthy life.