ScHoolboy Q Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday Ahead Of "CrasH Talk" Release


ScHoolboy Q‘s daughter has played a pivotal role throughout his career. She appeared in several music videos over the years and also had a major part in Oxymoron. Q’s gearing up to drop his new album, CrasH Talk tonight, but he has a bigger milestone in his life to celebrate ahead of the album’s release.

ScHoolboy Q took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message to his fans on the day of his daughter’s 10th birthday. The rapper shared a photo of his daughter surrounded by birthday balloons, cheesing ear to ear.

“My baby turned 10 today,” he wrote. “befo every album I get bad news it seems like… but I ain’t gon let it spoil my nigHt braH #CRASHTALK JOYCE Hanley”

Q’s daughter is frequently seen throughout Q’s social media. The rapper’s constantly clowning her on the ‘Gram and shares videos of themselves on his Instagram Story listening to music while he drives her to soccer practice.

In 2016, the rapper revealed that after he was close to quitting rap because the busy schedule prevented him from being there for his daughter.

“I toured a whole year, when I came back my daughter was doing different things, talking different. I’m at the crucial years of her life, she’s only 7-years-old. I got tired of missing that, I almost quit rap. It comes to a point where you’re starting to put music before your kids, your family, that’s not what I signed up for. But, at the same time, it’s what pays the bills and what I love to do, my daughter loves to see me do it too,” he said.