Saweetie Cuddles Up To Quavo In Light Of Her Pretty Little Thing Collection


Saweetie has made major moves for herself since she dropped on the scene with her debut single “Icy Grl” that got her signed to Warner Bros. Records. Since then, the Hayward, California bred rapper has secured her title as a female MC to keep an eye on and she’s made it very clear that her success has nothing to do with her man, Quavo

“Bruh I been on my shit before I met him don’t ever get at my career like that I WORK HARD FOR MINES AND IF I WANNA LOVE A NI**A I CAN DO THAT TOO FOH !!!!!” she responded to a fan who thought otherwise

Saweetie has recently made moves in the fashion world since launching a collection with Pretty Little Thing that’s inspired by her Icy Grl ways. “The little girl in me who used to play in my mamas closet is so full of joy right now!! I created this collection to show what being an ICY GRL is all about. Boss up, hustle hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!” she captioned a video on Instagram. 

In another post, Saweetie made it clear that all that matters right now is love from her man as she seen sitting gon Quavo’s lap in a hooded diamond fit. “Long as my n*gga love me đź–¤,” she wrote.