Sauce Walka Emasculates Young Thug With "Section 8.5 Girl" Characterization


Sauce Walka isn’t done jousting with Young Thug over the use of the term “Slime.” It’s plain to see, Sauce Walka is standing in a most unyielding position. It’s no secret Walka has a bone to pick with the music industry ever since it’s become “de-centralized,” that’s for certain. Evidently, he feels that he’s been treated unfairly by an array of artists with major label backing – the likes of which include Drake, and a fairly combustible Young Thug, his preferred opponent if a backyard rumble were in the cards.

Sauce Walka tried to re-ignite his feud with Thugger by reposting one of those “Before They Were Famous” videos with him as the target. You might recall seeing the footage yourself. Young Thug and his entourage are shooting a ready-made clip with “Best Friend” playing on the loudspeaker.

Thugger pulls off a couple of slick gang signs. His running mate totes a gun in the most effeminate way imaginable. In the space for a caption, Sauce Walka writes, “So I’m honestly post to be worried bout this section 8.5 girl & his best friend. Gone drop that Weak ass album u tryna get clout for!” So there’s that, Sauce Walka still wants the smoke. Will his posturing ever amount to any fisticuffs, comment below?