Sartorial Swiftie Explains How She Recreates Taylor Swift's Outfits From Scratch


Lotte Lutjes is no ordinary Taylor Swift fan. The 20-year-old Swiftie (@teatimetay13) is getting a big reputation for her recreations  the singer’s signature looks, after her work went viral on social media.

This is not the first time the Netherlands native has gained public approval from the Internet — Lutjes has been sewing exquisite outfits since Swift’s Red tour in 2013, and has shared her many remakes on Instagram. 

“We were going to see the Red tour with a couple friends whom I met through Taylor, and we all wanted to wear an outfit she also wore on stage. Considering you can't buy them, we made them ourselves and I enjoyed it so much that I just kept going after that,” said Lutjes.

Lutjes begins by choosing an outfit that's iconic — or simply one she’s interested in — and checks to see if she can find affordable fabric that’s similar. Then she drafts a pattern from scratch or adjusts an existing one. Finally, she proceeds to make a prototype, or will go straight into making the final piece.

Her most recent project, which features the marching band costume from the 2009 Fearless tour and a black sequin one-piece inspired by the Reputation tour, took a combined 36-plus hours to create.

“The Fearless one took about 30 hours and the black one was actually kind a backup plan! I was planning on making a different outfit for the show this weekend but my fabric got delayed, so I quickly picked up some other fabric and made that one,” added Lutjes. “So that one only took about a day and a half, about 6 or 7 hours I'd say.”

Lutjes learned how to sew from her grandmother and a few sewing lessons, but a majority what she has done is self-taught. She doesn’t follow any specific instructions, so she has to figure it out herself.

Swift herself noticed Lutjes last October on Instagram, after she recreated the “Blind for Love” Gucci sweatshirt and red knee-high boots outfit from Swift's “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. Swift commented: “You made this?!?? So impressed!!! Love it so much.”

Lutjes thanks Swift for helping her discover her enthusiasm for fashion and textile technologies, which she is now studying in Enschede, Netherlands. 

“Thanks to her I discovered my passion and I'm now studying it. I love having something I can make and be proud and it's connected me to so many people. I really do hope I can go into the fashion industry,” said Lutjes. “I've gotten a lot really sweet comments from people saying how proud they are, how much they love it and how it's inspiring. It's been so heartwarming!”

Fans seeing Swift perform in Manchester this weekend and in Dublin next weekend might have to look twice if they see Lutjes wearing her replicas — they might mistake Lutjes for Swift herself.