Sareem and Ess "Dance for the Dead" is about the people that fought and died for racial progress


Dance for the Dead is an upbeat single that I begin writing over the summer 2017. It’s about reflection & celebration those who battled in the past. So we could have the freedom’s we enjoy now in the present. There is still much work to be done when it comes to equality. The current state the world is a mess. However, to remember that it was worse than it is today, to remember people fought & died for what’s available to us now, is to stand tall and proud.

When I say “Hallelujah” I mean it as an expression rejoicing. When I say “Amen” I mean the assertion hearty approval. When I say “Devils” I mean someone or something evil, hurtful or wicked. When I say “Church” I mean a specific group Believers, not a building.

I’m grateful for my fellow dreamer & change seeker Ess Be (collaborator and sole producer our upcoming project Mind Over Matter). His production made this song & new album a reality. We didn’t plan to have Dance For The Dead ready for Black History Month but we’re honored to be able to present it to you just the same. Enjoy and as always thank you for your support.

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