Sarah White Enlists Dave Matthews for Intimate Duet 'Sweetheart': Exclusive


“Sarah's music kills me; beautifully from the ground up, no plastic,” Matthews says his fellow Virginian.

Virginia-based singer-songwriter Sarah White revisits a long-gestating ode to a former flame on her latest single “Sweetheart” with the help reigning Billboard 200 chart-topper Dave Matthews.

“I found these lyrics in rough form in a notebook a long time ago -- they are from a time where I was in a bad relationship with someone else but also with myself,” White tells Billboard. “The song, the melody came very swiftly, the words finished themselves. It wasn't something I mulled over. It happened in an instant.”

The intimate tune is a product good timing, reaching its full realization at the perfect moment, when White was able to seamlessly stitch together all the moving pieces the production with a passionate and direct delivery. Along with the live tracking done by White on the guitar, bass, drums, pedal steel and piano, she adds another personal touch with a feature from fellow Virginia resident Dave Matthews.

The connection between White and Matthews is as cosmic as the duet suggests. The two both have roots in Charlottesville, Virginia, and worked at local bar Miller’s, albeit at different times. Later, White was invited to join Matthews for the massive Dave Matthews Band Caravan festival tour in 2011, and the two have remained in each other’s orbit ever since.

Matthews praises White, saying, “Sarah's music kills me; beautifully from the ground up, no plastic.”

White has more in store over the coming months as she prepares to release her latest album High Flyer on Aug. 3.

Check out “Sweetheart” exclusively on Billboard below.