Sara Michelle – Sel Ou


Sara Michelle Paul is an upcoming Haitian American singer and songwriter. She was born on September 11, 1995 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but was raised in West Palm Beach. At a very young age, Sara knew that she always loved to sing. She would sing in church and was a very active singer in school as well. During her time in middle school, she was part of her schools’ chorus group and participated in musical theatre.


When Sara got to her freshmen year of High School at Olympic Heights in 2010, she was highly known for singing (especially if you had class with her since she was always singing). She sang the American National Anthem at Varsity Basketball games, Soccer games, as well as the school’s championship wrestling tournament. In addition, that same school year she won 2nd place in her (first) school talent show.


She also, found that she had deep love for her Haitian culture, which led her to discover Haitian music and view the art in a different, inspirational light. During her years in college, at Florida International University, Sara was part of Musical Minds organization and Haitian Student Organization. Whenever she could, she’d take the opportunity to perform whether the event was a pageant, fundraiser, or talent showcase.

Finally, after graduating in December 2017, Sara began to take her music a bit more seriously and dropped her debut hit single “Sel Ou” (which features a solo from Nickenson Prud’homme) in 2018, two years after she wrote it. The song instantly became a hit and was loved by multiple people in and out of the Haitian community. Today, Sara Michelle continues to work on creating more music for her fans and hopes to share the love that she has for her culture through music.