Sandro Cavazza Makes Light of Love’s Darker Side On ‘Enemy’: Listen


The line between love and hate can easily blur. Sometimes, we hurt the ones we love most, and when they disappoint us in return, it stings all the brighter. Love drives us crazy and makes us do scary things, and it's that desperate side of love Sandro Cavazza channels in "Enemy."

Dance fans will recognize Cavazza's strong and steady voice from his work with Avicii on "Without You" and Kygo's "Happy Now." As a songwriter, he lets the music take the lead and follows his heart to find an honest message.

"The song makes me feel euphoric although it is quite tragic lyrically," the singer tells Billboard Dance. "I wrote the song with my amazing friend, Victor Thell, who I work insanely fast with. Half the song was written by me and Victor in Stockholm and the other half in Los Angeles. We got down one verse and the chorus to the song in one session and both loved it. Then it took some time."

Cavazza hit the road with Kygo for the Norwegian producer's Kids in Love tour. That experience in itself was empowering and inspiring, and three months later, Thell and Cavazza finished the song. There's a lot more where this came from coming soon as Cavazza embraces his personal voice.

"Enemy" is out now. Listen below.