Sandra Bullock Reveals She Made Money in College By Opening For Drag Queens


College is a tough time for students across America. Between paying tuition and added expenses like housing, boarding and meal plans, students everywhere have to find ble ways to make money. Even actress Sandra Bullock had to do it.

Bullock said that she found a creative way to make ends meet while in school during a game “Burning Questions” on Thursday’s (May 17) episode  The Ellen DeGeneres Show. When DeGeneres asked the Ocean’s 8 star what the “weirdest thing” she ever did to make money was, Bullock simply replied, “I used to open up for drag queens in North Carolina by dancing.”

DeGeneres, stunned, asked, “Really? Where? Like at a club?” Bullock replied, “College,” referencing her time at East Carolina University. “You were the precursor to the drag queens? That’s fantastic,” Ellen said.

While on the show, Bullock also defended herself against DeGeneres’ claims that the lead role in Miss Congeniality was written for the host. “Maybe he Marc Lawrence, the film’s writer] lied to me, maybe he did write it for you, but you turned it down,” she said. DeGeneres was quick to retort: “I didn’t turn it down, it was never fered to me!”

Watch Bullock play “Ellen’s Burning Questions” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: