Saints Players Help Disabled Man By Building A Ramp At His Home


While it may be a cliche, football players and athletes, in general, have the ability to do much more than perform in their respective sports. Many professional sports teams hold a special place in their local communities which ultimately helps forge a bond between the athletes and the members of the public. This relationship was on full display Wednesday when a group of New Orleans Saints players showed up at the house of Jerry Hills to build him a wheelchair ramp.

Hills lost his leg three years ago after a bacterial infection and has struggled to enter and leave his home ever since. According to, without a ramp, he has had to crawl or hop up and down the stairs.

In a video posted to YouTube, Saints players such as Michael Thomas, Cameron Jordan, Marcus Davenport, David Onyemata, Zach Line, Taylor Stallworth, Keith Kirkwood, Darnell Sankey, and Zach Wood all helped put the ramp together.

Hills explained afterward that he was extremely grateful for the gesture and that it will help him immensely.

“Having this ramp is a great feeling,” Hills said. “To see so many people that care about you, it’s great. It’s really great.”

This latest good deed is just another example of the power of sports and how they can all bring us together in a time of need.