Safaree Saves His Best Bars For "Who Run It" Freestyle


Safaree Samuels is the whodunit rap miscasts. Home bound for years, Safaree is now teasing us with his potential as a recording artist. Rumors that he ghostwrote Nicki Minaj’s most scathing verses are a thing the past. His last single “Hunnid” does nothing to support that argument, and he denied any involvement in her writing process, for the record. 

Never the less, his pleas for attention have garnered him a semblance respect, from an entertainer’s perspective. Yesterday night, Safaree jumped on Instagram to record himself going over the “Who Run It” instrumental, in the latest installment the ongoing challenge,  

The challenge even caused the Three Six Mafia legends who penned the original to come out for a second round, though it was never required them. They are far removed from seeking our validation.

Safaree begins by suggesting his fame is attracting tons evil doers. As a result this, he calls upon the metaphysical supposition Karma to do his bidding. The entire freestyle essentially sums up his eventful run late, for those waking out a coma. He brags about his Breakfast Club interview and several his club appearances, among the many giddy moments.

If not for the superficial nature his claims, you might even rate his bars. At worst, someone unfamiliar with the English language will find his flow pleasing to the ear. What say you?