Safaree Samuels' Leaked Nudes Brought Twitter To A Frightening Place


Some people said he was irrelevant. Some people said he was washed up. Yet today, the name Safaree Samuels has been causing a veritable flurry site activity. Honestly, it’s a little alarming to see a post about Safaree’s exposed junk racking up forty five thousand views in a mere two and a half hours. Yet apparently the internet wants what it wants. Remember, we’re simply the messengers. Purveyors goods, if you will. Evidently, the population at large feels some type way about Safaree Samuels nude pictures. Be it excitement, curiosity, or sheer Lovecraftian terror. As our commentariat seem likely to sit this one out, we were forced to look elsewhere for our reaction recap.

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The Internet is not a pretty place right now. The same women who seemed to throw Blac Chyna under the bus after her sex tape leak are basically recreating the “Nintendo 64” meme. Legends and lore surrounding Safaree’s junk are already beginning to spread, leading plenty to wonder whether or not he actually leaked his own nudes. Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder why things unfold as they do. Today is one such day. So here, for your own masochistic viewing pleasure, are some the most questionable, comedic, and downright bizarre reactions to Safaree’s unveiling. 

May God have mercy on us all.