Safaree Samuels Convicted Robber Sentenced To Hefty Prison Sentence In New Jersey


Bergen County, N.J. – Safaree was the victim of a robbery in 2018 where three men staked out his Fort Lee, New Jersey apartment complex’s parking garage and made off with over $180,000 worth of jewelry from the Love & Hip Hop star.

One of the alleged robbers, Tacuma Ashman, was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Friday (February 25) by a Bergen County judge before he’ll be eligible for parole, according to

The 43-year-old was ultimately convicted on two counts of first-degree robbery and charged with weapons possession and resisting arrest while avoiding conspiracy and violating weapons permit charges.

Ashman and two others planned out the robbery and bugged Safaree’s car with a GPS to know exactly how and when to stake out his apartment complex. The three were involved in a police chase with all of Safaree’s valuables that took authorities across state lines and over the George Washington Bridge.

“This was a carefully planned armed robbery over the course of weeks and months, with specific steps taken to execute it,” said Judge Christopher Kazlau in court.

Safaree wasn’t in attendance for the judge’s sentencing Friday morning. Prosecutors also believe that a childhood friend of Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend named Shawn Harewood was the “mastermind” behind the robbery plan.

Harewood was granted a mistrial while Ashman declined several plea deals with seven-year sentences attached. Instead, he risked taking his case to trial, which did not play out the way he had in mind.