Sade Has New Song Lined Up For "A Wrinkle In Time"


Ava DuVernay has confirmed that Sade will be producing a song for her upcoming Disney feature A Wrinkle in Time. The movie is an adaptation a Madeleine L’Engle SciFi novel that came out in 1962, and will star Oprah and Mindy Kaling among others. 

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The director expressed awe at working with a living legend, using the term “Goddess” to describe the singer. The song will be tentatively titled:  “Flower the Universe.” Her inclusion in the soundtrack is a testament to her relevance, highly indicative artists that exhibit restraint with their work. Sade and her band last toured their Soldier Love album in 2010. The singer whose fandom persists even as she spares herself a life in the public eye. Fans will be excited to preview the soundtrack in one month’s time.

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