Sachi & Roe Team Up For Big, Bright Track ‘Sparking My Fire’: Exclusive


Every ending is the chance to start something new, as is every day you wake to see the sun. New Zealand duo Sachi feel the freshness of possibility in their bones every time they step to the studio, and with "Sparking My Fire," Sachi distills that bright-eyed excitement into a soulful, inspiring rush of house groove and dance floor beat. Singer Roe brings life to that spirit with a blissful performance, telling a story of love that's stronger than the winds of change.

“We wanted to create something super uplifting," Sachi tells Billboard Dance. "Although there’s a house element in the chorus, it was important for us to give it a human feel, too. We collaborated with the Auckland Gospel Choir and a live horn section on the track. As far as the concept with Roe goes, we tapped into the idea of a new found light and wanted to capture the energy of brand new beginnings.”

"Sparking My Fire" is more than just a conceptually start. It's the lead single for Sachi's upcoming EP, due for full release July 27. The song is out on Casablanca Records, paired with a visual feast of a lyric video.

Watch the well-dressed gentleman from above as they cross a pink desert in the official clip a day ahead of the single's wide realease, exclusively on Billboard Dance.