Ryan Reynolds Performs 'Tomorrow' Disguised As a Unicorn on South Korean TV Show: Watch


Like many us, the ‘Deadpool’ star is an ‘Annie’ fan.

South Korea’s King Masked Singer is a program regularly filled with shocking unveils, but on Sunday’s (May 13) episode the show, things took a magical turn events.

Based around the concept celebrities singing while disguised, Masked Singer featured a performer known only as “Unicorn” during the most recent episode. After finishing a rendition “Tomorrow” from the 1977 musical Annie, the singer took f his mythical creature to reveal that it was none other than Deadpool 2's Ryan Reynolds.

Following his unmasking after failing to advance to the next round, the audience and panelists during the episode’s recording Masked Singer erupted in shock, and many tried to snap pictures the Hollywood star.

“This was such a thrill, this was an unbelievable honor to me,” said Reynolds after taking f his rainbow unicorn costume. “You guys pushed me to my own limits, and I thank you for that.”

The Deadpool actor is the first Hollywood star to appear on Masked Singer amid his press tour for the upcoming sequel. Deadpool 2 will be released on May 16 in South Korea, and May 18 Stateside.

King Masked Singer is one South Korea’s most popular television programs, and has frequently drawn attention to less-renowned singers thanks to its disregard identity and careers. A competition between the unknown vocalists, Pyeongchang Olympics opening ceremony-singer Ha Hyun Woo the rock band Guckkasten rose to prominence after being the performer with the most wins on the show since its inception in 2015.

Check out Reynolds' appearance on the show: