Ryan Coogler Has Started Writing "Black Panther 2"


With Spider-Man: Far From Home having hit theaters yesterday, the upcoming phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe looms before us. And, with The Avengers as we have come to know them all but dismantled, the time has come for new heroes to fill the void. As it happens, one of those heroes is Black Panther, who enjoyed a breakout turn with 2018’s Oscar-nominated and record-breaking film. Now, MCU president Kevin Feig has confirmed that the long-anticipated sequel is officially underway, with director Ryan Coogler having begun work on the ambitious film.

Speaking with BET, Kevin Feig revealed that “Mr. Coogler is just only in recent weeks sitting down at his keyboard and beginning to outline the movie,” dispelling-but-not-quite-dispelling an ongoing rumor that Killmonger will return. Yet given the character’s popularity, it wouldn’t be surprising to see his fingerprints all over Black Panther 2, even if it’s only in a thematic fashion. 

One of Black Panther’s most brilliant qualities was its world-building, with a rich cast of secondary characters representing myriad different Wakandan sub-cultures. While story details remain unclear, it would be nice to see Coogler exploring different levels of Wakanda’s social structure, moving away from the lavish royal palace. Either way, look for more details surrounding BP2 in the coming months, as Disney has yet to make an official announcement. Are you excited for this one?