Russell Simmons Continues To Reject Rape Allegations


TMZ seems to have a tent set up outside Craig's in West Hollywood. They really skip a beat in their coverage celebs piling in and out. This time around, they were fortunate to record a response from Def Jam counder Russell Simmons.

Simmons has been mired in scandal over rape and sexual assault allegations tabled in December. 3 ex-employees came out, corroborating each other's stories abuse. The unanimity their statements highlighted a possible pattern  "violent sexual behaviour" by the hip hop mogul towards his female subjects.

His conversation with a TMZ field reporter presented him with a opportunity to give his side the story, albeit briefly. 

"I don't have a stitch violence in me. I would never hurt anybody. I have never had any violence in me, but this is a difficult time for everyone."

Simmons voluntarily took a polygraph test in December, to prove his innocence. However, the case is still subject to further inquiries, as more victims have add their names to a growing list. 12 in total as this writing.

See for yourself, as Russell seals his night out with a kiss from his dinner date.