Russ Gets "Nipsey Hussle" Tattoo On His Bicep: "I’m Gonna Carry The Wisdom"


The memorialization of Nipsey Hussle hasn’t taken a dip since the weekend he was killed. It’s become too difficult to keep track of all the passing tributes, penned letters, and public eulogies to have taken place in the past three weeks. Thankfully, a majority of these gestures have been resoundingly positive. Russ‘ “lasting” tribute to Nipsey is no exception. 

Russ Gets "Nipsey Hussle" Tattoo On His Bicep: "I’m Gonna Carry The Wisdom"

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

It does seem a little EXTRA to get the whole bicep and his tricep splattered with Nipsey’s face. On the other hand, the sentiment does appear to be genuine, and in 2019, the sensationalism of tattoo culture is quieting down to a relative state of normalcy – except for in the case of poorly-executed face tats.

Your legacy and the mark you left on the world will last forever. I’m gonna carry the wisdom you left behind with me forever, wrote Russ in a post commemorating Nips and the act itself. “All the gems and constant game you gave will never be forgotten, only applied. Thank you for everything you did. The [goat emoji] freshly done…thank you to the amazing artist.

Mind you, it’s worth asking the question: do all these individuals who rushed to the parlour in the wake of Nipsey’s death know him on a personal? Just something to keep in mind; Before Russ, JR Smith and Rick Ross got Nipsey ink done in a similar vein. For his part, Rozay doesn’t stand a chance of being accused of “clout chasing” or indecency over the tattoo. He and Nips had a well-documented friendship/collaborative partnership to fall back on, several years in the making.