RuPaul's DragCon: 5 Things We Learned From Jasmine Masters' Master Reading Class Panel


Since her early exit on season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jasmine Masters has become a beloved meme queen. It’s no surprise that fans filled the room to capacity for her panel, WOW Presents Plus: Jasmine Masters’ Master Reading Class.

Joined by season 7 sisters Kennedy Davenport and Tempest DeJour, as well as season 9 squirrel friend Shea Couleé, the four queens spilled the tea about their time on the show.

Here are five the most shocking revelations.

1. Kennedy Davenport winged her Little Richard impersonation

Kennedy Davenport may have won Snatch Game with her impersonation Little Richard, but she didn’t know much about the flamboyant pop star at the time. When asked who she would portray on the iconic Drag Race challenge if she got to do it again, she said she’d go with the “Tutti Futti” singer again: “I did Little Richard on a whim. After I studied him, I was like, ‘Ooh bitch, I need to do it one more time!'”

2. Edibles inspired Jasmine Masters’ iconic cocoon runway

Jasmine Masters revealed that she took edibles while creating her nude illusion reveal look for the season 7 premiere episode. She recalled that she was helping other queens navigate the sewing machine when the drugs kicked in. “I was in Disney World. Everyone looked happy and bright,” the drag star shared with the roaring audience.

3. Shea Couleé thought her hotel room was wiretapped

The season 9 finalist revealed that being sequestered in a hotel room over the weekends took a toll on her: “I remember one time, I was laying in my bed and I felt a kind constant vibration under my mattress. And I swear to god, I tore my hotel room apart because I thought that the producers had bugged my room!”

4. Tempest DeJour sashayed away before doing promo shoots

Tempest DeJour was the first eliminated queen season 7, and if that wasn’t rough enough, she had to do her promotional shoots the day after she sashayed away. “It fucking sucked,” DeJour recalled. “All the interviews, we’re happy and like, ‘I’m hoping to win this season!’ and I’m already cut.”

5. Jasmine Masters hasn’t been called for All Stars 4 yet

When a fan asked Masters if she would be on All Stars 4, she said to start a hashtag because she hasn’t been called yet. “They call me for this shit,” she said, referring to her panel, “but thank you babe, I hope so. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.” #JasmineForAS4 #GetYourJush