'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 10, Episode 9: Golden Girls & A Trip to 'Breastworld'


On Thursday night’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens were tested on their acting abilities in Breastworld, a super-gay skit loosely based on HBO's Westworld. With just six queens left, the stakes were high — so high that the bottom two, Eureka O’Hara and Kameron Michaels, turned out their Patti LaBelle lip sync so fiercely that Ru had no choice but to grant them a double save.

From their golden gal runway looks that had us gagging (come through, pill-popping granny!) to the broads Broad City, here’s what Patrick Crowley and Joe Lynch thought the episode.

Patrick: WOWOWOWOWOWOW! That lip sync, henny. These girls are fighting for that $100,000 prize, aren’t they? I’m in the camp that thinks Kameron won this lip sync, but I’m not mad that Eureka got to stay — she fought hard too! I don’t think All Stars 3 had a single showdown that was this exciting. It was a nail-biter for sure.

Joe: Right? THAT is how you lip sync for your life. When Eureka was mopping the stage with her crotch, I was screaming. And Kameron’s shaky old person thing on the runway was like my favorite part the episode, so for that in itself, I’m happy she’s staying. I thought the Breastworld challenge was…eh… but that knockout lip sync absolutely saved the episode. Acting challenges are tough, especially for non-actors. It’s telling that even a dynamo like Eureka, who is a talking queen, was fumbling. And Miz Cracker, another queen that’s known for having an audience eating out the palm her hand, was similarly stultified. You could see her thinking about delivering her lines. It was just a reminder that acting is a pression for a reason. Anyway, did you dig the challenge? You were THERE, henny.

Patrick: OMG, I was there! There was a lot flailing in this challenge, but the skit was so strange. Even after watching them redo scenes for hours, the script didn’t make much sense. Major props to Monet and Asia for turning it out. I do think Monét was robbed though! She was my favorite part Breastworld and, though her runway wasn’t polished, it was a lot fun! People didn’t seem to have an issue with the lack polish in Shangela’s fat suit. I loved that it was the campy kind drag you see on a weeknight show after midnight, rather than some stunning fashion moment. Do you think Asia deserved the win?

Joe: Yeah, I do, she owned the challenge (and side note — yeah, that script was messy and super confusing). Like I said, Kameron’s runway was actually my favorite, I think she looked Golden Girl fab and sold the hell out it. Aquaria looked like Joanna Lumley from AbFab, which is middle-aged, not senior citizen. It reminded me Yuhua’s idea ugly — “I’ll put dots on my face.” Like, that’s not what old looks like. Anyway, yeah Asia also was a star on the runway. And I LOVED Miz Cracker’s runway. Iris Apfel realness. But Eureka’s runway look I was less enthused with. Kinda basic. Not bad, but not memorable. Who stood out to you?

Patrick: Kameron had the best runway for sure — I’m actually a little shocked she was in the bottom instead Cracker. But the judges seemed to like the nod to Devil Wears Prada? It felt unimaginitve to me — and same with Eureka. Also: in Aquaria’s defense, the challenge was to age themselves by 50 years — so she’ll be, what…56? That is middle-aged, henny! In all seriousness, I think both her and Asia overthought this runway. This runway was all about Kam and Monét for me!

Joe: So wait, when you were there, did you see the Broad City girls at all? They were definitely some the best guest judges we’ve seen this season.

Patrick: Oh man, I wish. I didn’t — I was only there for the Breastworld portion. It’s crazy — you only saw maybe five minutes that on the show, but I was there for close to six hours! They were great, though. Also: Did you clock Laith Ashley in the Pit Crew? He’s a transgender model. I thought it was really cool to see him — and even cooler that I haven’t received some press release exploiting that.

Joe: I didn’t! That is wonderful. I have to say that although the double save was deserved and exhilarating, I’m nervous for next week. There’s so many people left I don’t want to see leave just yet, but obviously, someone is going home. I still cannot predict the top 3, which is wild to me.

Patrick: Agreed! I could see any these girls in the top 3. Personally, my money is on Asia, Aquaria and Eureka — but I wouldn’t be shocked to see any the other girls knocking them out. There’s a lot at stake next week — and with a makeover challenge, I think Kameron and Aquaria will have the upper hand. I’m nervous for Monet, considering she’s struggled to create a runway that impresses the judges. But who knows! See ya’ll next week.