'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 10, Ep. 7: Snatch Game, Melania Trump & Mermaid Realness


On Thursday (May 3) night’s episode, RuPaul’s Drag Race went full-on Erika Jayne and gave the gays everything they wanted. Snatch Game. A Carly Rae Jepsen lip sync. The opening The Library. A Bianca Del Rio cameo. A Melania Trump imitation.

Okay, maybe no one was clamoring for the last one, but after Aquaria’s devastating Snatch Game impersonation, the First Lady is now a victor in the queer Olympics.

Here’s what Joe Lynch and Stephen Daw thought the episode. Spoilers ahead.

Joe: I’d like to start by giving credit to Asia O’Hara. In an episode where the beloved Snatch Game made its season 10 appearance, my biggest takeaway from last night was that GD fish face. I can’t get it out my head. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing; I just know that similar to whispering Miss Vanjee at random moments, I will be picturing the reaction shots that fucking fish face for the rest my life.

– Asia O'hara, de nuevo un desastre, no estoy disfrutanto nada de lo que ha hecho esta temporada, siento que eligió Beyonce para ir por lo seguro porque sabe que los jueces se están comiento todo lo que presenta, but girl, that was a choice.
Look: Toot la mascara, boot el outfit. pic.twitter.com/UIAzrvo9cb

— Team Aquaria (@AlejandroCGM) May 4, 2018

Stephen: She definitely gets credit for serving a fish face mask in a mermaid runway challenge, even if I wasn’t a big fan it. What she does not get credit for is deciding to do Beyoncé on Snatch Game and proving once and for all that you do not mock Queen Bey on television. She didn’t act, look or speak like her, and as a Beyoncé all-time megastan, I was not here for it. I was also very sad to see my queen Monique Heart really struggle this week. Her Maxine Waters look, I thought, was great, but good lord she wasn’t funny! There was a moment where she was answering the questions asked like a real congresswoman and that was not the assignment! Who were your tops and bottoms in this Snatch Game edition?

Joe: Okay, I think we all knew Eureka would do well at Snatch Game. She’s on a roll, and when she’s confident, she commands the camera. But I really thought this was Cracker’s time to break out. Unfortunately, just like Eureka is benefiting from her winning streak, Cracker is losing confidence with each passing week and it’s affecting her performances. She’s funny AF. But she was not confident enough to deliver on Snatch. Okay, but tops: Aquaria. I did not expect Aquaria, who freely cops to stumbling over her words, to dominate on Snatch Game all things. Her Melania Trump was flawless-looking yet f-putting, dignified yet confused, and above all else, completely desperate to escape her circumstances. I’m becoming a fan Aquaria. She obviously owns the lewks, but last night her Snatch was funny and political, and then she managed the same difficult trick on the runway — her look was gorgeous and (literally) to die for, AND it had a political subtext. Also: Maya Angelou. She deserved that performance after what we got from Chi Chi on All Stars, and fuck, that was hysterical. So smart, the accent was perfect, and just so effortless. Monet X Change has arrived. Those were my favorites. The lows? Yeah, Beyonce. Like you said, don’t do Beyonce on Snatch Game. And don’t make her a bitter, verbally abusive mother. The Vixen’s Blue Ivy Carter was also a major flub. She didn’t play the “I’m over it” face, she just whined. Their tag team was a nightmare, no beauty about it.

Stephen: Okay, we need to talk about The Vixen for a minute. As I have said before, I am a Vixen stan — I think she is one the smartest, most interesting queens to have come on this show. But this week on the runway was the first time that I ever found myself saying “Girl, no, please stop,” when she started going after Eureka. It sucks because every other argument The Vixen has had, I feel like she’s been able to make a larger point. But this week, it felt like she just got so insecure about being in the bottom — and rightfully so, all the queens turned on her on that runway — that she went into pure defense mode, which only further contributed to the online trolls having more and more fodder to use. And that Untucked? Girl, the water was BOILING in there, because it got heated. All that being said, I understand her confusion about the judges loving Eureka; I thought her Honey Boo Boo was good, but not great. Compared to Maya Angelou and that absolute STUNNER a Melania impression, Eureka’s Alana was cute, but in my mind not the best. So I really felt for The Vixen this week. And then, that lip-sync happened. Oh, my poor poor Monique Heart! She was in my top 3! We were rooting for you! I’m not sure what was more a travesty; the fact that Monique forgot the words, or that the greatest Carly Rae Jepsen song all time “Cut to the Feeling” got butchered.

Joe: We’ve wanted a Carly lip sync for so long, and the disappointment was more acute than when “Run Away With Me” missed the Billboard Hot 100. Vixen at least brought the aerobics, but the feeling was not cut to. It was maybe wrinkled, a little bit, but hardly sliced. (What am I even talking about?) Anyway, that drama was just… if you watch the show, you know Ru doesn’t want to hear it. And especially in this instance, it didn’t seem to come from a place genuine grievance, but lashing out because you feel cornered. She knew she wasn’t getting the best critiques, she tried blaming someone else. Which is too bad, because in several other instances when the Vixen started something, you were like “You have a point,” but here, it was definitely a distraction, a failed smokescreen for a bad Snatch Game and so-so runway. And at the end the day, I’m still thinking about Asia O’Hara’s fish monster. Oh, what did you think about the “who would you send home?” segment. I felt bad for Vixen, she looked like she was going to cry. But very politically savvy that all people, Eureka was the one who did not select her.

Stephen: I also really felt for The Vixen, especially since I do not think she had the weakest performance this week! I felt like Asia and her Shape Water couture should have been in the bottom two, but none the queens picked her because I think the girls are growing tired The Vixen’s aggressive attitude. And as far as that Eureka comment goes, I personally dislike it when the queens give those pageant answers on the runway. Ru is not asking you who should go home because he wants you to get along with everyone — he wants you to be real! Just give a real answer. When Eureka said she would send Asia home because “she’s my biggest competition,” all I was thinking was “Girl, send her home because that Beyoncé impression was a mess.” That’s why when The Vixen started calling out Eureka I was like “RED ALERT, MAYDAY, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200,” because course it was going to look bad when she called out the one girl who didn’t name her to be eliminated.

Joe: There’s also that element where it’s like, in a competition, especially with Ru as referee, queen, jury and executioner, excuses and explanations get you nowhere. So if something goes wrong, your best bet is to step up and charm your way out it. You start blaming others for stepping on you or throwing you f your groove, you’re basically digging your own grave on this show. Anyway, do you have any predictions for who will make top 3 at this point?

Stephen: I feel like I need to give up on predicting what’s going to happen, because every time I think I know which queen will make it to the top 3, she ends up in the bottom. I think after this week, I would be shocked if Aquaria didn’t make it to the top (I didn’t even have her in my top 6 before this week). I think Asia has a really strong chance at doing well if she can keep everything clean and polished. And Eureka is slaying the competition, so she’s a big frontrunner for me, too. I love The Vixen to death, but I feel like her storyline is starting to close in on her, which makes me think she’s heading out soon.

Joe: Those are astute observations, and I’m going to be the asshole who asks for your predictions and then doesn’t provide his own. Byeeeeeeee.