RuPaul & ‘Drag Race’ Fans Join the ‘RuPublican’ Party Following Misspelled Donald Trump Tweet


In times of political turmoil, it's important to stay engaged — and thanks to a recent misspelling in one of Donald Trump's tweets, fans of RuPaul's Drag Race are doing just that. 

On Wednesday, the president tweeted yet another message about the still-raging impeachment inquiry, claiming once again that the effort was a "hoax" and encouraging his fellow Republican senators to keep pushing against the inquiry. Or at least, that's what he meant to type. In reality, he wrote "Rupublicans, go with Substance and close it out!"

As any fan of Drag Race knows, both the show and its host love to take some words and add "Ru" to them to relate them back to RuPaul himself ("Rudemption," "ruvenge" and "ruview" are just a few common examples). So, when Trump sent out his message, fans immediately began spreading the word around social media.

Some took the opportunity to drag the president for his harmful rhetoric and inability to spell (he also misspelled "unfair" as "infair" in the same thread), but many immediately linked it to Mama Ru, some using the moment as a jumping off point to "create" a brand new, queer-centered political party. RuPaul himself even joined in on the fun, calling for fans to "JOIN the #RuPublican Party!"

Check out some of our favorite "RuPublican" reactions below: