Rüfüs Du Sol Demonstrate Their Sonic Depth & Mass Popularity for a Crowd of 21,000 in Los Angeles


"This is the biggest headlining show we've ever played — thank you for making this happen," Rüfüs du Sol lead singer Tyrone Lindqvist announced to a sold-out crowd at the Los Angeles State Historic Park on Saturday night. The amazement in his voice was visceral — a humble expression of gratitude from the Australian trio who now reside in Venice Beach. 

The first slices of autumn chilled the air as the crowd of collegiate types danced to the group's latest singles and biggest hits including "Be With You," "Lost In My Mind," Innerbloom" and other tracks from the trio's 2016 debut LP Bloom and their 2018 follow-up Solace. The crowd was peppered with women wearing fairy wings and LED lights, a sort of festie-lite mash-up with the bros in backward caps. As trends in dance music during the last few years have veered toward underground and live electronic acts, Rüfüs du Sol has hit a sweet spot in that their music is deep but accessible, cool but not so obscure that they can't get 21,000 to come watch them play in one of Los Angeles' premier venues. The experience might not be life-changing, but you'll have a great time while listening.

At the show, the crowd went bananas for smash single “You Were Right” from Bloom, especially during the song's screechy, spacey electronic effect that sounds not unlike a UFO taking flight. The swoon factor, already high for the ladies in attendance during Solace's sweet, soaring “Treat You Better," was magnified when Lindqvist took a break from singing to share a story from the group’s recent show at Red Rocks, which happened two days prior to the Los Angeles event.

"I have a son, he's 3 months old, and while we were at Red Rocks, he was rushed to the hospital," Lindqvist told the crowd. "It was the scariest six hours of my life. Thank god he's OK, I'm so grateful. Grateful to these two guys onstage with me, and to all of you." He then metaphorically invited his son into the space and instructed the crowd to also imagine the spirits of anyone who should be there but couldn't be. It was a profound, feel-good moment, particularly on the heels of such an intimate story. 

It was also a nice dose of West Coast spiritualism that further established that while Rüfüs is an Australian act playing gigs worldwide, their time living in the Golden State has had a profound effect on both their outlook and output. Later in the night, Lindqvist offered insight into how they picked the songs that landed on Solace. "We drove the Pacific Coast Highway listening to all the songs we'd recorded, both in the day and at night," he said. "Whatever songs sounded the best in that setting made it onto the album. We love California so much."

California loves them as well, as evidenced by fans singing every word to every song until they closed the show with "No Place." "There's no place I'd rather be," we all sang in unison, and in that moment for everyone both offstage and, that sentiment felt very much true. 

Set list:

You Were Right
Like An Animal
Lost In My Mind
All I Got
Say a Prayer for Me
Until the Sun
New Sky
Another Life
Treat You Better
No Place