Rudy Mancuso's New 'Mama' Video Is Full of Eerie Onesies and Odd Nostalgia


Rudy Mancuso got it from his mama.

The¬†multi-instrumentalist's third single¬†finds him waxing pensive over his mother's sage advice accompanied by¬†a bevy ¬†ominous¬†figures clad in animal onesies. "Mama" marks¬†Mancuso's¬†first release without a featured artist, following ‚ÄúBlack & White‚ÄĚ with¬†Poo Bear¬†and ‚ÄúMagic‚ÄĚ with¬†Maia Mitchell.

As Mancuso's mom makes regular appearances on his YouTube channel, which boasts nearly five million subscribers, it's no surprise that she played a prime role in inspiring this output.

‚ÄúMy mother would consistently advise me to do things a certain way, as mothers tend to do," explains¬†Mancuso. "Even though I¬†wouldn‚Äôt listen, protecting my sister and I was, and still is, my mom‚Äôs sole purpose in life. That‚Äôs why the song is dedicated to her. That‚Äôs why it‚Äôs called ‚ÄėMama.'"

Recalling his mindset during the song's moment inception, Mancuso says it finds roots in "a very raw, true place."

"I sat at a piano and came up with a chord progression and melody that really meant something to me," says Mancuso. "It felt classic yet futuristic. It was like I was taking a beautiful piece nostalgia, then twisting it into something dark and weird. That’s the feeling I wanted to emulate."

Feel like emulating some odd nostalgia as well? Check out the Mancuso-directed clip below.