Rucci – Keep Going


Rucci‘s “Keep Going,” is¬†a declaration for him and his people to persevere no matter what. In the video,¬†Rucci¬†pens a letter to his Unkle BD, an important role model in his life who is currently incarcerated. He writes, “It’s hard to keep goin’ without you, my dad, & Sean! But I will never let up!”¬†Rucci‘s toddler niece is featured throughout the video, providing motivation to keep positive no matter what, just as his role models did for him. The last scene sees¬†Rucci¬†pick her up and hold her before the video pans to his final sentence on the letter, “Ima keep going.” If¬†Rucci¬†has one superpower, it’s pushing through when most people wouldn’t.
Watch “Keep Going” here:¬†
Continuing this¬†keep¬†going¬†mentality,¬†Rucci¬†announced¬†Tako’s Son,¬†his debut full-length album. He’s using his wisdom and charisma to change the narrative on his life and his city. Rucci‘s EMPIRE debut¬†pays tribute to the father who raised him (pictured on the album cover below)¬†and features fellow LA mainstays like Shoreline Mafia, RJMrLA, AzChike, 1TakeJay, Kalan.frfr, and more.¬†Tako’s Son¬†is due to be online 8/16 EMPIRE.
Tako’s Son¬†Tracklisting
  1. Still
  2. Function in the Hood (ft Azchike)
  3. I Aint Gon Lie
  4. Lowrider
  5. Never Finished (ft Lil Duece)
  6. Get the Strap (ft Ohgeesy & Fenix Flexin)
  7. La Bamba
  8. Drop Out
  9. I Just Wanna Ball
  10. Fake Gon Hate (ft 1Takejay)
  11. Nasty (ft Kalan FrFr)
  12. Rags to Riches (ft RJMrLA)
  13. Get Away (ft Romo)
  14. Keep Going