Ruby Waters Drops Edgy, Unapologetic New Track ‘Last Cigarette’: Premiere


Singer-songwriter Ruby Waters channels all her frustrations on her latest track “Last Cigarette,” premiering on Billboard today (May 24).

“And I’m on my last damn cigarette/ Smoke away my past and all regret,” Waters sings on the song’s chorus. “Lately baby I’ve been on the edge/ Wanna see if I can fly/ Think I wanna fly.”

Toronto-based Waters penned the song a little over half a year ago, co-writing with fellow Canadian musician Serena Ryder. The moody track features the addictive chorus backed by guitar and shows off Waters’ effortlessly raw and raspy vocals.

“I remember when we wrote it and when I was writing it, I was really tired and mad about how tired I was,” Waters recalls to Billboard. “I was working so hard and…just being a big old complainer for a hot three minutes and 30 seconds. And just wanting to leave the city and stuff. I love Toronto but sometimes you gotta get out of it, you know?”

The track is Waters’ third single following “Sweet Sublime” and “Supernatural,” the latter of which was released in March. Now, she’s gearing up to take her new music on the road, embarking on a 20-date tour supporting Ocean Alley in Canada and the U.S.

One could say Waters was destined to be a musician. The singer still remembers the first time she ever stepped foot on a stage: at a summer fair, performing a duet to “Ave Maria” with her mom at just four years old.

With both her parents leading careers as country musicians, Waters grew up with two real-life role models that showed her what was possible with music — and she became hooked, early. And while her alternative, edgy sound differs quite dramatically from that of her parents’, she says they’ve undoubtedly influenced her as a songwriter and performer.

“My mom just has a really soulful voice, and I like to put soul into everything,” Waters says. “It kind of opens up an opportunity to do every genre.”

The 21-year-old cites a long list of musical inspirations ranging from Amy WinehouseNirvana and The Rolling Stones to Cardi BRihanna and Billie Eilish. While Waters doesn’t see herself fitting into any one specific genre, she does have a singular message she hopes to convey to her listeners.

"I just want people to feel connected in every situation they're in, cause you're never alone ever,” Waters says. “And I just want people to be able to listen and just release everything negative and just chill, or just be mad inside for a hot second and feel better about it, or feel happy and excited or sad — but just to release."

Listen to "Last Cigarette" below.