Rubi Rose Details How Playboi Carti Allegedly Shot At Her: Watch


If you were paying attention to the “Bad And Boujee” music video just a few years ago, then you probably remember one of the video vixens, Rubi Rose. At the time, Rose’s profile in the industry was going up and she was even in a high profile relationship with Playboi Carti who was also bubbling at the time. Of course, Carti is a huge superstar at this point while Rose has continued to do her thing in the modeling world.

Rose has been very open about her relationship issues with Carti and during a recent interview with DJ Vlad, she delved deeper into their union. As she explains in the clip below, Carti used to visit her in the hood of Pittsburgh all the time and would shoot his guns off her balcony for fun. One time, the two got into a heated argument after she hid his phones before a flight. She alleges he shot a gun in her vicinity although his intention was never to hit her.

Rubi Rose Details How Playboi Carti Allegedly Shot At Her: Watch

It seems as though Rose doesn’t have any ill feelings towards Carti right now and just wanted to answer Vlad’s question. Perhaps the most peculiar part of the conversation was when she said she “unfortunately” didn’t gain anything from her relationship with him. Based on this statement, it seems like her intentions with Carti weren’t exactly positive, to begin with.

Since Rose, Carti has begun dating Iggy Azalea and the two seem as happy as ever.