ROZES Addresses Mental Health in Heartfelt ‘Call Me’ Watch


“Call Me” was written at the all-female She Is the Music writing camp.

ROZES is an advocate for mental health awareness and addresses the importance of seeking help in the powerful new video for her latest single “Call Me.” Penned with Alex Hope (Tove LoTroye SivanMarina) and Sophie Frances, “Call Me” showcases the singer-songwriter’s mesmerizing vocals alongside delicate piano accompaniment and hand-snapped rhythms.

The song’s poignant lyrics also help to destigmatize mental health, as the three-minute piano ballad has ROZES assuring a friend that she’ll always be there: “I'mma say it here because I need you to know/ I’ve been there before, I’ve tried to face it alone/ Your mind is not a game you gotta play on your own/ Just know that you can call me/ And I’ll always be there,” she sings.

The video for “Call Me” portrays one woman dealing with anxiety and a friend helping her come out of that darkness. After overcoming that anxiety, she recognizes another dealing with similar struggles and in turn reaches out her hand.

“Call Me” was written at the all-female She Is the Music writing camp, which launched last December by Alicia Keys; her sound engineer, Jungle City Studios' Ann Mincieli; Universal Music Publishing Group chairman/CEO Jody Gerson; and WME partner and head of East Coast Music department Samantha Kirby Yoh. It is the first song released from the non-profit organization’s writing camp.

The video for "Call Me" is below.