Royce Da 5'9" Thinks Joe Budden Owes Eminem An Apology


Eminem released his latest album towards the tail end 2017 but it didn’t meet the expectations his fans or critics. Many people were thrown f by the lead single, “Walk On Water” with Beyonce and the rest the album upon its release including some his Shady signees. Joe Budden was quick to refer to the lead single as “trash” which didn’t rub Royce Da 5’9″ the same way. In a recent interview, Royce opened up about how he really felt about Budden’s comments.

Royce Da 5’9″ recently popped by The Angie Martinez Show to speak on his latest album and more. The conversation veered towards Eminem’s album and Joe Budden’s criticism it.

“I think he had a right to voice his opinion. Definitely. I felt like he used a few choice that were unnecessary that I feel they were a little motive driven like to get views.” He said. “I think if he had said ‘I’m not really feelin’ this one,’ I don’t think it would’ve garnered the attention.”

Angie Martinez suggested that Joe Budden may have not known power his voice because he was going from a rapper to a talk show host. However, Royce says he was put in a weird position because he introduced them to each other and that he still believes Em deserves an apology.

“I’m a really reasonable person. Like if I spoke to Joe and he said that, I would totally understand.” He said, “I totally understand that if you were in the heat the moment and you just go a little too far. And if it comes with an apology, we having a whole different conversation… I think Joe Budden] owes Eminem] an apology but that’s just my personal feelin’.”

Peep the interview below with the Joe Budden/Em bit coming around the 20:30 mark.