‘Roxanne Roxanne’ Trailer Hits the Net, Fans Are Excited


Netflix has released the first trailer for Roxanne Roxanne, a biopic about the life Roxanne Shanté, who changed the face hip-hop during the early 1980s.

The trailer stars Chante Adams who plays the 14-year-old Lolita Shanté Gooden (aka Roxanne Shanté) who hustles the hard way to provide for her family while protecting herself from the dangers the streets. In the beginning we see Nia Long, who plays Shanté’s stern mother Peggy, who locks the door at 9 p.m.., even if her daughter is locked outside.

From there we get a flurry clips Shanté's harrowing journey from the streets to eventually the stage where she rocks the mic. The trailer also features Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali who plays her boyfriend Cross and Kevin Phillips who portrays legendary hip-hop producer Marley Marl who gave Shanté her big break.

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"Roxanne Shanté is more than a hip hop icon, she’s a survivor," said Pharrell the pioneering MC. Roxanne Shanté herself added, "PLZBELIEVEIT."

Fans on Twitter are excited for the Roxanne Shanté biopic coming to the big and small screens.

"#RoxanneRoxanne story is so important to the culture and history rap. Especially female Rap. Can’t wait to see this," tweeted one person.

Another fan wrote, "Totally unexpected, but so hype that Shante got a biopic. I used stay up late, listen for her, and UTFOs back and forth battle joints on Red Alert's show back in the day, with blank tapes at the ready."

Roxanne Roxanne is written and directed by Michael Larnell and produced by Pharrell Williams and Forest Whitaker. The film will arrive in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles, and stream on Netflix starting March 23.

Check out fan reactions below.

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