Rowe Rowe Revolutionizes R&B With New Heartfelt Single “Do Something”


After releasing mesmerizing and heartfelt conscious r&b tracks from his past projects, Rowe Rowe continues his journey towards revolutionizing the urban music scene with the release of a romantic track, “Do Something”. “Do Something” opens up Rowe Rowe’s heart and soul, and shows us a vulnerable side that is rarely seen and heard nowadays. 

The song is a welcomed showcase of what dwells inside Rowe Rowe’s heart, who hopes, wishes, and desires, reminding us that there’s something so magically unique in the approach of an artist driven by introspection, love, and sharing. Simply calling it different would be an understatement, as he brings to life what we all desperately need and want. 

The track’s lyrics paint a picture that, along with the melodies, grab a hold of our hearts and make it beat just a little faster as “Do Something” gets more and more intense until the finishing line.