Rory McIlroy Wants PGA Tour To Limit Alcohol Sales


Multiple golfers have expressed complaints about hecklers on the tour this season, including Rory McIlroy who was recently asked about the rowdy behavior and put forth a potential solution to the problem.

McIlroy, who won the Arnold Palmer Invitational over the weekend, thinks the PGA Tour "need to limit alcohol sales on the course." After Saturday's round, he was asked if he had dealt with any instances heckling recently and fered the following response.

Accoring to Golf Week, just last month McIlroy said the crowds following Tiger Woods for two days gave him a headache and that he was forced to give up two shots to the field per tournament due to all that insanity. Justin Thomas has also spoken out against the growing number hecklers, and he even had a fan ejected during the final round the Honda Classic.

Despite the hecklers at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, McIlroy went on to win, marking his first victory since September 2016.