Ronny J Talks Recording Kanye West’s "Yandhi" In Africa


It’s no secret that Kanye West has adopted a collaborative mentality, surrounding himself with no shortage of brilliant musical minds. Whether he’s working with established legends like Timbaland, up and coming lyricists like YNW Melly and Tee Grizzley, or linking with young producers like Pi’erre Bourne & Ronny J, Yeezy has made a habit of surrounding himself with innovators. And while Kanye’s Yandhi appears to be in the midst of an unending state of reinvention, Ronny J recently opened up about his involvement in the enigmatic project.

Speaking with Kids Take Over, Ronny J revealed a little bit about what might be expected from Ye’s latest, as well as how the partnership came to be in the first place. “My management reached out, like Ye wants to fly you to Chicago,” explains Ronny. “I was like, that’s crazy, let’s go. I ended up going to Chicago, and when I got there, he was like ‘I’m actually going to Columbia tomorrow if you want to go.’ From there, we went to a few different countries and worked on music. Sometimes we would go somewhere to just look at art. Crazy stuff, bro.”

“He has different studios set up outside,” explains Ronny. “There were times when we were recording vocals or certain things, and we would get the nature sounds, you’ve got to actually be there and be present for it to be authentic. You could YouTube some ape sounds, monkey or bird sounds but to actually be there, on the Nile River, not everyone gets to do that so I think it’s best to utilize that and take advantage of that in the moment.” Watch the full video below, and keep an eye out for more news on Yandhi, if and when it surfaces.