Romeo Santos’ ‘Utopia’ Album Tributes Traditional Bachata: Stream & Listen


The LP also includes a highly-anticipated Aventura reunion.

Romeo Santos is keeping traditional bachata alive one song at a time. The Dominican singer dropped his fourth studio album Utopia on Friday (April 5), paying tribute to the genre that was once considered “music of the barrios.”

Utopia, which comes after his 2017 Golden, is home to 12 new compositions produced by Santos between New York and the Dominican Republic. In this production, the King of Bachata teams up with some of the best old-school bachateros including Raulin Rodriguez, Frank Reyes, Antony "El Mayimbe" Santos, and even a surprising Monchy & Alexandra comeback. By collaborating with some of the artists he grew up admiring, Santos further proves his passion for his Dominican musical roots.

One of the gems in his new album is the highly-awaited Aventura reunion. On April 1, Santos revealed the cover art of “Inmortal,” making fans believe that their new track would drop on said date. After clarifying that it was all an “April Fool’s Day prank,” Santos officially and sincerely revealed an Aventura comeback for his new album. “Inmortal ” marks both the group’s reunion in 10 years and the first single off of Utopia

In true Aventura fashion -- with sweeping guitar riffs and urban bachata melodies -- the track is an ode to the kind of love that is eternal and immortal. The music video, filmed by Fernando Lugo in Miami, features all four members of Aventura: Henry Santos, Max Agende Santos, Lenny Santos, and Romeo.

Santos’ new work of art promises to be a milestone that influences the trajectory of bachata music for years to come. Listen below.