Romeo Miller Says NBA YoungBoy Has A "Strong Presence" That Reminds Him Of Master P


The Millers have solidified themselves as a hip hop family whose name is imprinted in various industries. Master P has often spoken about the importance of investing in your future and often shares inspirational and motivational videos on social media. Romeo Miller has benefited from being the son of a philanthropic media mogul, and it’s his belief that others in the industry can also profit off of mentorship from his father.

Romeo Miller Says NBA YoungBoy Has A "Strong Presence" That Reminds Him Of Master P
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Romeo recently chatted with Miss2Bees about his role in the film Game Day, and during their interview, the entertainer was asked about his meeting with NBA YoungBoy soon after the young rapper was released from prison. Both Master P and Romeo visited their fellow Louisiana native at his home, and while Romeo wouldn’t give up details of their meeting, he did praise his father for encouraging the young artist.

“Certain things you have to keep to yourself,” Romeo reportedly said. “But I would say this about NBA: People say he’s very controversial right? You go look at the Bible, anybody who had a big purpose was controversial. Because you may not understand from your perspective. Being around him he has a very strong presence, and to me if I’m being quite honest — I meet a lot of people — I haven’t met anyone with such a strong presence. It’s like I met a version of my dad to a certain extent. When my dad was able to tunnel his power and energy and use it to grow and for the positive. Especially coming from Louisiana we say, ‘If you can survive Louisiana, you can survive anything.'”

“NBA has that same strong, leadership type presence but the thing is, are you gonna let the Devil take advantage? Are you gonna let God use you as a light? That’s what we talked about,” Romeo added. “I told him [to] call my dad whenever you have a problem or down or have a bad day. Forget the business, and forget about — you know there was a lot of brand talk. He was tryna pick my father’s brain, but I told him as a brother [to] look at my pops as a dad. He’s a father figure I feel like a lot of people in this industry should use. This man came from nothing, made hundreds of millions out the gate. He’s a positive adapter.”