Rock Star Behavior Is in Spencer Ludwig’s ‘Nature’ in New Watch


New York-based artist Spencer Ludwig has unveiled his new video for "My Nature" featuring Zak Downtown. In the fun clip, the two prove that, much like the lyrics, rock star behavior truly is in their "nature."

Directed by Tyler Rousseau, the futuristic video features the artists roaming around an urban city, jamming out on a roof top, and lots of glitchy technology. At one point, Ludwig even whips out a trumpet. "It's just my nature/ Got zero fucks to give," Ludwig sings as they perform with true confidence.

"[Rosseau] took an unexpected yet totally awesome sci-fi approach for the video, which I felt he and his team executed beautifully," Ludwig shared in a statement. "I was really just along for the ride on this one. I think sometimes the best things to do is to surround yourself with brilliant people and let them do what they're best at, which was totally the case in this instance."

"My Nature" comes on the heels of Ludwig's previous videos, "Jungle in Me" and the self-directed/produced "Best Life." 

Check out the video below.