Rock In Rio Sets Sights on Chile for 2021: Report


Rock In Rio founder Roberto Medina has his sights set on Santiago de Chile as a new location for the iconic festival.

According to an interview with Medina in the Chilean newspaper La Tercera published Saturday (Aug. 24), the first Rock In Rio is in the works for October 2021.

“Why not Chile? It’s a calm country, with a stable economy and good food, it seems logical to me,” Medina told journalist Claudio Vergara. “We have the perfect situation to do it."

The four-day festival will take place a week after the main Rock In Rio in Brazil, Medina said, in order to take advantage of big-name talent that will already be in South America. He envisions adapting an existing park in the Chilean capital as the location for the festival and cited an estimated investment of $150 million.

“I’m very excited about the idea of doing [the festival] in Chile,” he said.

Rock In Rio 2019 is set for Sept. 27-29 and Oct. 3-6 in Rio with a line-up that includes Drake, Foo Fighters, Cardi B, Iron Maiden, Muse and Bon Jovi.

Rock In Rio Sets Sights on Chile for 2021: Report