Robyn Turns ‘Tonight Show’ Into Late Night Disco For ‘Between the Lines/Love is Free’ Medley: Watch


If you were having trouble falling asleep on Thursday night (July 18), Robyn was not there to help you. That's because the beloved Swedish dance pop icon turned The Tonight Show stage into her personal disco with a sweaty, sizzling medley of "Between The Lines" and "Love is Free." The set started off with "Lines," which appears on the singer's 2018 album Honey, with Robyn dressed in a white tank top and matching jeans, standing in the middle of a pair of giant white ceramic hands.

As her band throbbed out the subtle beat behind her and the stage was bathed in a pattern of black and white light bars, Robyn slow-strutted to the song's increasingly animated groove. "Don't you stop/ (Don't stop what you're doing, baby)/ You know I like it/ You stretch it out/ (You know I like it)/ You give massages/ It's not your words/ (You know I like it)/ It's what's in-between them," she sang in a sensual voice.

Mid-way through the performance the more hyped beat for her 2015 single "Love is Free" kicked in, pushing the tempo up several notches as Robyn shimmied and grabbed the frantic pulse of the tune with help from co-vocalist Maluca. The pair hugged during the funky bilingual chorus, repeating the phrase "slow down" as they dropped to their knees and Robyn shouted "we're so free!"

Robyn is in the midst of a U.S. tour, with a show slated for Friday night (July 19) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and a headlining slot at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago on Sunday (July 21). 

Watch Robyn on The Tonight Show below.