Robert Pattinson Confirmed As The Next "Batman"


For a few days, there has been major online speculation over who would be the next BatmanBen Affleck gave up the role a few months ago but things don’t just end there for one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Robert Pattinson was considered a heavy favourite to land the role but he was seemingly facing off against Nicholas Hoult to see who the studio prefers. Well, a decision has officially been made and Pattinson has been locked down for the role, which was confirmed today.

Robert Pattinson Confirmed As The Next "Batman"
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As reported by Deadline, Warner Bros has officially approved Robert Pattinson as the next Batman, meaning that in the upcoming Batman trilogy, the former Twilight star will be cast in the lead role. Matt Reeves is set to begin directing three new The Batman films and the star of the show was reportedly decided yesterday after the studio got tape of both Hoult and Pattinson.  

Robert Pattinson has already proven himself as a major star that is able to be at the forefront of an ultra-successful film franchise. His role in Twilight helped him for that. If you’re wondering if these new three films will build off of Ben Affleck’s older Batman, they will not be connected in any way.

Do you think Robert Pattinson is the right man for the job?

Robert Pattinson Confirmed As The Next "Batman"
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