Robert Downey Jr.’s Shares Trailer For Upcoming Film "Dolittle"


After the official poster was just released yesterday, the trailer for Dolittle is now out. The film is Robert Downey Jr.’s first appearance on the big screen since his starring role in Avengers: Endgame. Downey Jr. tweeted out the trailer at noon today, October 13th. 

The caption reads, “I’ve been talking to animals for years now…And they finally started talking back. Does this mean I was getting the silent treatment? Watch the trailer for #DolittleMovie in theaters January 2020 and ❤ this Tweet to get updates from @DolittleMovie every month until opening day.”

The trailer does not reveal too much plot-wise, we’re given two-minutes of beautiful landscapes, quick glimpses of action sequences as well as some one-liners from Downey Jr. The film looks wonderful with saturated landscapes and impressively well done computer-generated animals. 

Fans appear to be hyped for the movie. Top reply tweets read, “SO EXCITED FOR THIS,” “you don’t even know how long we’ve waited,” “WHY YOU ARE SO ADORABLE MSMSNS I CAN’T BREATHE” and more.

The plot synopsis for Dolittle is “A former doctor turns to treating animals because of his love for all creatures. When Doctor Dolittle discovers he can communicate with the animals, he embarks on a fantastical adventure.” The film is out January 17th and if you want monthly updates, like Downey Jr.’s tweet on Twitter.