Robert DeLong and K.Flay See Every Shade in 'Blue' Music Exclusive


Robert DeLong may harp on one color the most on his surging, K.Flay-assisted single “Favorite Color Is Blue,” but its accompanying video — released today exclusively on Billboard — covers the whole spectrum.

The highly technical video was helmed by accomplished animators in director Evgenia Strukova and visual effects artist Dmitry Tokoyakov, and includes surrealist images the two performers spliced with hallucinogenic illustrations, glitching and a vivid color palette.

“This video was one the few times where something felt totally right after the first draft,” DeLong tells Billboard. “The experience was quite a unique one, in that K.Flay and I were set up with a seemingly arbitrary set instructions for what needed to be filmed in front a green-screen, and had to trust that Dimitri and his Russian team were going to deliver something coherent from what was captured.”

The video succeeds in its mind-bending premise and matches the song’s rougher edges with stark contrasts and scattered splashes color. The concept also captures the boundary-defying meeting the multi-hyphenates as the constantly evolving Alt-Electronic innovator DeLong and rising rap-rock double threat K.Flay trade lines with conviction in a visual that creates a setting that fits the both their unique styles.

Check out the video for “Favorite Color Is Blue” exclusively on Billboard below.