Rob Zombie, Type O Negative and Cradle of Filth Say Billie Eilish’s Metal Mash-Up Shirt Rocks Hard


You can add another bold-faced name to the Billie Eilish fan club because Rob Zombie has officially given the teen star the heavy metal salute. The reasons are, admittedly, a bit selfish, but the macabre hard rocker gave a digital thumbs up to Billie recently after she wore a custom shirt sewn together from concert tees from Type O Negative, Cradle of Filth and, of course, himself.

Zombie gave it his official "rock on!" 


@billieeilish rocking another custom Zombie shirt. Rock on! #billieeilish #robzombie

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The men of Cradle also dug it, writing, "whatever you think of Billie Eilish, she's got some seriously good taste in gothic-tinged music if a coat made from Type O Negative, Rob Zombie and Cradle artwork is anything to go by.

Type O Negative were also into it, writing, "Billie Eilish is certainly a unique and bad ass superstar who absolutely walks her own path. How awesome is it to see the Type O support!!"