Rob Kardashian Reportedly Threatened To Hire Hitman On Blac Chyna’s Former Friend


The case between Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian and Pilot Jones has taken an interesting turn. As we’ve previously posted, Pilot Jones sued the couple months ago accusing the exes of outting him as gay to the public and giving out his personal cellphone number which led to threatening texts. The latter reportedly happened after Blac and Rob accused Pilot of selling a photo of he and Blac kissing to the paparazzi. 

After Rob and Blac made attempts to be removed from the case, Pilot has now responded to their actions with new allegations with what appears to be proof that Rob threatened to have a hit put on Pilot as well as hurling homophobic slurs his way. 

“Kardashian’s conduct involved multiple immediate direct threats of harm by both Kardashian, himself, and by third parties that Kardashian indicated he would be hiring to maim and kill Jones on his behalf, even if he were to travel to Atlanta. There can be no reasonable argument Kardashian’s multiple direct and graphic death threats to Plaintiff are not the sort of ‘extreme and outrageous,'” court documents read.

Pilot is going after Blac and Rob for $2 million – $250K for the damage caused within his family, $500k for emotional distress another $250k for past and future medical expenses, $7,200 for lost rent and $600k for lost earnings.

The case is ongoing.