RJ Barrett Declares Himself The Best Player In The NBA Draft


Some of the NBA’s worst teams will find out about the future of their franchise tonight as the NBA Draft Lottery is going down. Whoever wins the lottery will get the first overall pick in the draft, where they will most likely select Zion Williamson. If you’re the New York Knicks though, you’re looking at trading the first overall pick for Anthony Davis, something that already has the Knicks fanbase in a tizzy. 

While many believe Williamson is the best player in the draft, his teammate at Duke, RJ Barrett, thinks otherwise. The Canadian Blue Devils star appeared on ESPN’s Get Up this morning where he showed just how confident he is in his game.

“Of course,” Barrett said in regards to whether or not he’s the best player in the draft. “I believe in my abilities. Who doesn’t think that they’re the best? I’ve put in the work and time just like everybody else. So, yes, I do believe I’m the best player.”

As of right now, Barrett is believed to be a top three player in the draft, although Williamson and Ja Morant are considered the better of the three players. Regardless of what the pundits say, Barrett’s status as a prospect will rest in the hands of the franchises that will get a chance to draft him.